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Medical Malpractice Adverse Drug Reaction (Verdict)

We sued a hospital and it’s doctors in Houston, Texas for injuries suffered by our client. The hospital provided him with medication that caused an adverse reaction. LFL convinced a jury to award our client $10,350,000.00. The...

Work Injury

A worker in the oil and gas field was injured by an explosion caused by trapped gas and the backfiring of a diesel motor. An LFL attorney negotiated a favorable settlement of $995,000.00 with the engineering company and received a...

Jones Act Injury

We sued a ship owner, catering company and an oil and gas company because of injuries suffered by a crewman that fell down a flight of stairs located on a transport vessel. LFL convinced the defendants to settle for $1,500,000.00...

Confidential Shipwreck Injury

An LFL attorney settled a shipwreck case on behalf of 13 longshoremen that were injured when two ships collided in a Texas ship channel. The longshoremen were unloading a vessel when another vessel lost control and crashed into...

Confidential 18-Wheeler Automobile Accident Injury

We filed suit against a driver of an 18-wheeler tractor trailer that failed to stop at a red light and violently rear-ended our client’s vehicle. Our client suffered injuries to his neck and lower back. LFL attorneys recovered a...

Confidential Rape Victim At Apartment Complex

We sued the owners of an apartment complex on behalf of our client that was violently raped on the premises. The owners and management failed to provide adequate security and warn our client of prior criminal activity that...

Confidential Wrongful Death

Negotiated a sizeable confidential settlement for a passenger in a van killed when a driver in a commercial vehicle rear-ended the van. The passenger suffered paralysis and subsequently died as a result of severe injuries to his...

Oil and Gas Worker Injury (Verdict)

We sued a valve assembly company and its contractor on behalf of a flowback operator injured when a gas valve exploded. The operator sustained head, neck and back injuries. The jury returned a $1,400,000.00 for our client. Prior...

Negligent Hiring Injury

We tried a negligent hiring case against a nightclub owner in Dallas, Texas. The case settled for $1.1 million after we cross examined their expert witness and got him to admit that the nightclub owner was negligent. The owner was...

Seaman Injury

An LFL attorney negotiated a $1,000,000.00 favorable settlement for an injured Jones Act seaman. The seaman suffered back injuries when a dock crane collided into a gangway causing the seamen to fall several steps to the bottom...

Motorcycle Accident Injury (Verdict)

We tried a motorcycle accident injury case in Harris County, Texas. The jury awarded our client $833,000.00. Our client suffered a head injury.

Automobile Accident Injury (Verdict)

We sued a truck driver that claimed a sudden emergency caused him to strike our client’s vehicle. An LFL attorney fought to obtain a $675,000.00 jury verdict for our client. The verdict went towards helping our client recover...

Automobile Accident Injury

We sued the driver of a commercial vehicle that failed to stop at a red light and violently crashed into a vehicle driven by our client. Our client suffered severe bruises to her face, arms and legs. We were successful in...

Automobile Accident Injury

Filed suit against a driver of a commercial vehicle that failed to stop at a stop sign and violently struck our client’s vehicle. Our client suffered serious injuries to her neck and back. She had back surgery. We negotiated...

Automobile Accident Injury

We sued a motor vehicle driver that injured our client in an automobile accident. Our client suffered neck and shoulder injuries. LFL recovered $400, 000.00 for our client. Our client’s legal fees were $100,000.00 and expenses...

Automobile Pedestrian Accident Injury

We sued the owner of an automobile inspection garage for injuries our client suffered when a vehicle rolled down a ramp and struck her. Our client suffered a rotator cuff tear and fractured wrist. LFL attorneys recovered...

Dog Bite Injury

An attorney referred a dog bite case to LFL after having filed a lawsuit on behalf of a healthcare worker. The dog owner rejected offers to settle the claim prior to LFL getting involved. LFL took over the case and fought...

Automobile Accident Injury

Settled a motorist’s automobile accident injury case for $140,000.00. The motorist injured her left shoulder when she was rear-ended by another vehicle. Prior to mediation, the defendant only offered $75,000. The case was...

Fisherman Injury

Settled an injured fisherman’s case for $125,000.00. The fisherman sustained non-surgical back injuries when his vessel was struck by an oncoming vessel. The defendants settled the case at mediation. The client’s legal fees...

Automobile Accident Injury

We sued a drunk driver that injured our client in a rear-end motor vehicle collision. The drunk driver paid our client $125,000.00 shortly after LFL filed a lawsuit. Our client suffered non-surgical injuries to her neck and back....

Automobile Accident Injury

We sued the owner of a street sweeping motor vehicle that injured our client when the operator of the sweeper sideswiped our client’s vehicle. Our client sustained non-surgical injuries to his neck and back. LFL recovered...


Houston Personal Injury Lawyers

A team of skilled and compassionate personal injury lawyers providing the utmost in customer service to help you through a difficult time

With an unexpected injury, your life can change in an instant. Before, you were getting up every morning and going to work or sending the kids off to school and managing a busy household. Now, simply getting up and getting around is daunting enough, let alone worrying about working and taking care of your family. How are you going to get the medical care and support you need, and how are you going to be able to pay for it?

These are very real and important questions that people in this position face every day after a sudden car accident, slip and fall, or assault. Thankfully, these questions have an answer, and our law firm is here to provide them. Negligent actors, be they individuals, businesses, or government entities, can be held accountable to the people they have harmed through their negligence. If you’ve been hurt by the negligence or misconduct of another, the Houston personal injury lawyers at Livingston & Flowers Law Firm are here to help you hold those responsible parties accountable and make sure you get the care and compensation you need after an injury-causing accident.

Comprehensive Houston accident lawyers

In more than two decades of legal practice, our lawyers have achieved significant successes across a range of Houston personal injury matters. You can feel confident in contacting our firm for help with nearly any type of personal injury. Some of our main areas of practice include:

Motor vehicle accidents – We help victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents in Houston and beyond, as well as other accidents involving bicycles, pedestrians, buses, or trains. We represent car accident victims who were hit by drunk drivers or uninsured drivers, as well as accidents caused by speeding or distracted driving.

Premises liability – When property owners fail to provide a reasonably safe space for people lawfully on their premises, we’ll hold them accountable for the damages caused by their negligence. Our Houston premises liability practice includes slip and fall accidents, dog bites, and sexual assaults enabled by negligent security.

Maritime accidents – We help seamen, dockworkers and offshore oil workers navigate the confusing array of federal laws to find the right path to compensation for their injuries on the job occurring on U.S. navigable waters.

Our comprehensive personal injury practice includes helping victims of cruise ship and boating accidents, defective products, workplace accidents, and plant explosions. Our personal injury lawyers have the skills and resources to obtain maximum compensation for some of the most catastrophic injuries or wrongful deaths, including traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, burn injuries, and more.

A law firm dedicated to client service and satisfaction

Founding partner Charles W. Livingston II has more than 23 years of experience representing victims of catastrophic injury and wrongful death in Houston. In that time, he handled thousands of cases and recovered millions of dollars for his clients. Charles brings the fight to the other side and takes on large corporations and insurance giants who mistreat their customers and cause them grief, harm, and financial damage.

Founding partner Joel Flowers also has more than 23 years of experience fighting for justice on behalf of his clients. A born litigator, Joel is truly at home in the courtroom where he immediately takes command and makes his presence known. Joel’s gift for making the facts and law of a case come alive for a jury, combined with his passion and desire for justice, help to seal his firm and full commitment to his client’s success.

When Charles and Joel combined to form Livingston & Flowers, they wanted a law office that reflected their values and devotion to customer service. You’ll experience this commitment from your first phone call or when you first step foot in the door. The firm even has an employee whose job duties are strictly devoted to client relations, which goes to show dedication to the best possible service for clients and their needs. At Livingston & Flowers, we want you to know and experience just how important you are to us and how dedicated we are to achieving outstanding results on your behalf.

Our Houston Personal Injury Lawyers are Ready to Help You

Call today for a free consultation about your case, and find out how our team can help you get the care and compensation you need and deserve. We take cases on a contingency fee basis, which means our fees are based on a percentage of the amount we recover for you. If we don’t win, you don’t pay. We advance all costs of litigation so you never pay a penny out of pocket to pursue your case, and we’ll even help out with your personal expenses while your case is underway, ensuring that you receive medical care, property damage repair, and replacement income when the family’s breadwinner is disabled from working.

Call our office anytime at (877) 722-3277. Our firm is always available to speak with you, and we’ll travel to meet you if you’re unable to come to our offices. If your English is limited, we have Spanish speakers in the office to aid you. Visit Livingston & Flowers today for your no-cost, confidential consultation, and experience firsthand our commitment to helping you recover from your injuries caused by another’s negligent conduct.

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