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Astroworld Promoters Implicated In Other Trampling Events


The day after Thanksgiving is still the world heavyweight champion of trampling injuries. Nonetheless, Astroworld promoters are apparently trying to dethrone Walmart’s Black Friday events as the most dangerous public event this side of Kyle Rittenhouse. Now, after the Travis Scott tragedy, a review of the concert’s promoters reveals that trampling accidents are the norm, not the exception.

Live Nation Entertainment and Live Nation Worldwide have somehow managed to cause at least 750 injuries and 200 deaths in seven different countries since 2006. The company is under scrutiny by OSHA for health and safety violations and antitrust violations. The company is responsible for promoting juggernaut acts such as Jimmy Buffett, Madonna, Radiohead, Beyonce, and Drake.

A litany of incompetence 

Sometimes, bullet points say it best. So, here we’ll list some of the tragedies linked to Live Nation Entertainment and Live Nation Worldwide. They include:

  • Vancouver (2010) – Fans rush barricade during hardcore show after Olympics injuring 19
  • Camden, NJ (2016) – Crowd forced a railing to give way causing 50 people to fall 10 ft. onto concrete
  • Manchester, England (2017) – Suicide bomber kills 22 at Ariana Grande concert
  • Las Vegas (2017) – Mass shooting at country festival leaves 60 dead
  • Paris (2015) – Terrorist attack leaves 89 dead
  • Indiana State Fair (2011) – Stage collapses in high winds killing 7 and injuring 61
  • NYC (2018) – Fans trampled in Central Park during concert
  • North Carolina (2016) – Gwen Stefani pointed out extra seats in the reserve area prompting a rush to the stage that caused several injuries

The injuries and deaths listed here are only mass casualty events. The company has been sued by individual concertgoers for smaller causes of action.

What happens now? 

Live Nation Worldwide is a major powerhouse company with billions in annual revenue. They have faced lawsuits like this before, lost those lawsuits, paid out the money, and then continued doing what they’re doing. On top of dangers to guests causing injury, the company has faced pressure from OSHA to improve workplace safety conditions. They have been cited more than 10 times from 2016 to 2019.

Because their is a history of incompetence and there are at least 200 plaintiffs as of right now, punitive damages are not out of the question for the promoter and organizer. A long history of organizing fatal events, negligently securing these events, faulty equipment, and a lack of foresight have resulted in several preventable injuries and deaths. It is likely that with such a high-profile mass casualty event, the company’s history will become part of the claim against them. The result could be a more than billion-dollar settlement to the plaintiffs.

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