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Astroworld Security Guards File Suit Against Astroworld, Concert Organizer


Two Astroworld security guards have filed a lawsuit against Astroworld, the concert organizer, and Travis Scott. While some personal injury lawyers indicated that they might file a lawsuit directly against Scott for encouraging concert-goers to “rage” during his shows, it may be very difficult to win on that basis. It can be nearly impossible to hold an artist accountable for utterances made in his music or as part of a performance. Unless the performer directly tells the crowd to start beating on each other and start a melee, aggressive lyrics and blowing off some steam are not compensable under the law.

The death of Elise Pahler 

In 1996, a 15-year-old girl was murdered and raped by three classmates at her high school. The teens were obsessed with death metal, were in their own band, and took the whole thing a little too far. They were able to find a lawyer who filed a lawsuit against the band Slayer of whom the killers were fans. The cause of action stated that evil lyrics in the band’s songs resulted in the teens becoming obsessed with sacrificing a virgin to Satan. The grieving parents filed a lawsuit against Slayer, which was dismissed. The judge stated that there is no possible cause of action to hold the band liable. Undeterred, the family filed a second lawsuit with different allegations that were dismissed on similar grounds. In other words, Slayer, who had never (ostensibly) murdered anyone, could not be held liable for the murder of a girl they had never met because their lyrics were aggressive or violent.

Security guards file suit against Astroworld, security firm 

Two security guards who were hired onto the Travis Scott event have since filed lawsuits against Astroworld and the company they work for. It is unclear if they are contractors or employees of that company. Under Texas rules, if their own company has workers’ compensation insurance, they would be prohibited from filing a cause of action against their employer. Their lone remedy would be workers’ compensation. On the other hand, Astroworld is also named in the lawsuit, so they would be able to sue Astroworld, who is not their employer, regardless.

The security guards caught wind of the job offer over social media. They allege that there was no screening process for security guards and no training was provided to those who did arrive. Essentially, they signed a form and awaited instructions.

How could Travis Scott be held liable for these injuries? 

If Travis Scott was a part of the organizing process of the event, then he may face liability. By contrast, the fatal Altamont concert did result in one lawsuit, but it was only settled for $25,000 after the plaintiffs were able to show that Mick Jagger rushed accommodations for the event to avoid cancelation. There, you have the band’s influence causing something to happen that results in injury. The plaintiffs can make any allegations they want, but in order to avoid summary dismissal, they will need to do more than just say Travis Scott’s lyrics are scary.

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