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Baylor University And Two Football Players Face Lawsuit Over Alleged Rape


Baylor University and two of its former football stars are facing a lawsuit filed on behalf of a female student who alleged that she was raped while incapacitated at a loud campus party. The plaintiff contends that rape occurred in the Baylor dorms, which would have been under the university’s control. The plaintiff likewise contends that the Baylor football team had a “historic” rape problem. One of the defendants is accused of partaking in the rape while the other defendant is accused of videotaping the rape and then uploading it to Snapchat for the entertainment of freshman football players.

The plaintiff, who was also a student-athlete, withdrew from Baylor after the rape and suffers from continuing anxiety and depression.

Baylor University responds 

Baylor responded to two of the counts alleged by the plaintiff. Firstly, they said the plaintiff’s account was misleading because there was no loud music or another ruckus that would have alerted the University staff.

Baylor also said that the football team does not “currently” have a rape problem. Issues in the past were addressed by the university. Baylor says that within 36 hours of the reported rape, three students were suspended from team activities and after one or more of the allegations against each of them were substantiated, are no longer students at the university.

Baylor is accused of negligently securing its dormitories and placing young women at the university in danger. In a statement, Baylor said that they intend to vigorously defend their antirape program against allegations that they are approaching accusations against their football team as business as usual. They said internal remedies that have been put in place did work in this instance and that future instances of rape on campus have been discouraged by their proactive response.

Negligent security lawsuits 

To prove negligent security, a plaintiff must show that the defendant contributed negligence that made third-party attack possible. In most cases, lawyers will point to prior instances of violence in the area where the plaintiff was injured. This proves the legal concept of foreknowledge. If a property owner has foreknowledge that violence is usual in a specific area, then they are responsible for securing the safety of their guests.

The university says that it has done everything it can do to help prevent rapes on campus and has enacted broad measures to prevent their female students from being harmed. However, the case may come down to whether or not campus security had cause to respond while the rape was in progress.

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