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Family Files Lawsuit Against Houston Chemical Plant For Toxic Exposure


A Houston chemical plant has been sued after releasing a noxious gas that can cause severe respiratory distress and is highly flammable. According to an area mother, the fumes were released from a rail car inside the Lubrizol Corporation plant in Deer Park, Texas. The chemical, known as Mercaptan, is an invisible gas that is nonetheless detectable via its very foul odor. The gas is toxic if inhaled and highly flammable if ignited by a heat source. In severe cases, the gas can cause the lungs to hemorrhage, coma, and death.

The plaintiff says that both she and her young daughters continue to experience symptoms of Mercaptan toxicity and are still receiving treatment. Their lawyer contends that the defendants were grossly negligent and are responsible for the plaintiff’s and her daughters’ respiratory problems.

Chemical plant lawsuits 

Lawsuits against chemical plants are often filed by third-party workers who are there when something terrible happens. Alternatively, chemical plants are not required to carry workers’ compensation in Texas regardless of their size. This leaves workers with the option of filing lawsuits against the plants if the plant or its supervisors contributed negligence to the workers’ injury. In rare cases, lawsuits are filed by third-party residents of the area who are exposed to toxic chemicals and fall ill. These lawsuits are among the most costly for the chemical plants to settle because not only do they have to deal with personal injury damages, but they also have to deal with the fact that their factory has caused the surrounding real estate prices to drop significantly. This means that homeowners who invested money into the area are unlikely to recoup their investment when it comes time to sell because the resident would know that chemical exposure is a possible consequence of living there.

Nonetheless, the chemical plant is responsible when dangerous chemicals within their control are leaked into the surrounding environment and injure another person. In this case, a mother and her daughters are now struggling to breathe because of a mistake made by this plant. They deserve to be compensated for their medical expenses, both past and future, lost wages, and reduced quality of life. In this case, it’s unclear that the lung damage caused by the toxic fumes can be fully repaired. Now, several months later, the family is still experiencing negative side effects of the exposure.

More lawsuits may be forthcoming. While these are the only plaintiffs listed in the lawsuit, it’s distinctly possible that more residents will join to file lawsuits for the loss of value of their property as a result of this chemical exposure incident.

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