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Former Trainer Launches Civil Suit Against Antonio Brown for Rape


In a trial that features disturbing text-messages, leaked social media videos, and bizarre allegations, the impending sexual assault lawsuit against Antonio Brown is shaping up to be his biggest circus yet. The embattled receiver is accused of two counts of sexual battery and one count of forcible rape. The accuser was a former trainer of Brown.

Examining the Lawsuit Timeline

The three incidents occurred in 2017 and 2018. The accuser claims that Brown approached her after the two of them had met in bible study at college. Years later, Brown reached out to her to enlist her services as a personal trainer. As a former gymnast, her area of expertise was flexibility training.

According to her, she says Brown kissed her without her permission and she shut him down. Brown says that they had an ongoing sexual relationship. According to the trainer, she told Brown that she was not interested in his sexual advances, but the two continued a professional relationship. At some point, the trainer claims that Brown masturbated on her back while she was watching a video of a pastor speaking. The trainer cut off ties with Brown for several months after that.

She says that Brown reached out to her, apologized, and told her it would never happen again. However, a third incident of alleged forcible rape occurred after she agreed to work for him. Afterward, she filed a lawsuit.

The question of whether or not she filed the suit prior to reaching out for settlement was answered recently when the New England Patriots, who signed Brown after his antics with Raiders, told reporters that they were blindsided by the news. Brown, through his attorney, told the Patriots that he was prohibited from discussing the discussion. A day after Brown signed with the Patriots, the news broke that Brown was being accused of sexual assault.

A Second Accuser Comes Forward

A second accuser has come forward alleging that Brown had contracted her to paint a mural. He then approached her naked with a washcloth over his penis. She did not respond positively to this interaction. Brown proceeded to “ghost” her (cut off all ties with her) and when she reached out for payment for services rendered, he did not reply to her requests.

The plaintiff will characterize Brown as a man who doesn’t like to be rejected and refuses to take no for an answer, a man who lashes out when his sexual overtures are denied. The plaintiff will also likely reach out to the second accuser for a statement.

The whole situation does not look good for Antonio Brown. Worse still, it looks bad for the NFL who is looking to protect its image. Still worse, if Brown is placed on the exempt list, the Patriot will be forced to pay his salary as it constitutes a type of paid administrative leave. Brown is in serious trouble.

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Sexual assault cases don’t always have enough evidence to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt. In those cases, victims often file lawsuits against their assailants to recover from the physical and psychological trauma of the abuse. The Houston personal injury lawyers at Livingston & Flowers, P.L.L.C. help victims get justice when the criminal courts have none to offer. Talk to us today for more information.


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