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Houston ATV Accident Lawyer

Houston is known for its abundance of outdoor recreational activities. Whether a person is camping, hunting, fishing, or working on a ranch, all terrain vehicles (ATVs) play a big part in the lives of many in the city. Unfortunately ATVs are a vehicle and as such, they can become involved in an accident just like any other. When an ATV accident occurs, it can cause serious injuries and even death. If you or someone you love has been hurt, our Houston ATV accident lawyer can explain your rights, and help you claim the compensation you need.

ATVs vs. UTVs

The most common ATVs in Houston are four-wheelers that are used for either recreational purposes, such as hunting, or work purposes, such as when a person works on a ranch. ATVs are extremely heavy and they can weigh more than 500 pounds. Some ATVs can even reach speeds of 60 miles per hour. Most ATVs are meant to be operated and ridden by a single user, although some do allow passengers on the back.

Utility terrain vehicles, also known as UTVs, on the other hand, are generally larger than ATVs, and they are often equipped with up to four passenger seats. UTVs have a partial frame that sits over top of the people in the UTV, providing a bit more protection. Some UTVs move at a slow and steady pace, while others can travel quite quickly.

The injuries that result from an ATV or UTV accident are devastating, and just as serious as the injuries seen after a car accident. However, due to the fact that operators and passengers in these vehicles have such little protection, the injuries are usually quite severe. In ATV accidents particularly, traumatic brain injuries and head injuries are very common.

Determining Liability After an ATV Accident

To determine how an ATV accident occurs, a Houston ATV accident lawyer must closely examine the facts of the case to determine which party acted negligently. After an investigation is conducted, a lawyer will determine which party is liable. The most common liable parties in ATV accident cases include:

  • The ATV operator: Negligent ATV operators can be held responsible for their reckless actions that caused a crash.
  • The owner of the ATV: Owners of ATVs that allow inexperienced or underaged operators to drive the ATV.
  • ATV manufacturers: Manufacturers have a legal duty to ensure the products they manufacture are safe for everyone. When they fail to meet this duty and a defective ATV or ATV part causes a crash, the manufacturer can be held liable.

A Houston ATV accident lawyer can determine which party was liable, and hold them accountable for paying the full damages accident victims deserve.

Our ATV Accident Lawyer in Houston Can Advise on Your Claim

If you have been hurt in an ATV or UTV, our Houston ATV accident lawyer at Livingston & Flowers, PLLC, can advise on your case. We know the devastation ATV crashes cause, and we are dedicated to helping accident victims uphold their rights. Call us today at 713-489-4400 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

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