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Injured Officer Sues Man Who Struck Him in Pedestrian Accident


Officer Mark Priebe has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Jon Tyler Routh. According to Priebe, he tried to apprehend Routh after he relieved himself on the front door of a police station. Priebe attempted to get Routh to stop his vehicle, but Routh just kept going, running the officer over. Another officer shot Routh. Routh later told police that they “knew they had this coming”.

Now, Priebe has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the man who he says intentionally ran him over with his vehicle. Routh is also facing charges for assault on a police officer. He also sent a text message prior to the incident indicating that he aspired to “run a cop over”.

Priebe’s doctors say that he will never walk again.

Personal Injury Lawsuits and Criminal Charges 

Routh will face criminal charges for his actions that day. He is also facing a civil suit from the police officer. It is unclear if Routh has significant assets, but the success of the lawsuit depends on what, if any, assets Routh has.

There are essentially two reasons to file this kind of a lawsuit. The first reason is that the assailant has a lot of money. If the assailant does have a lot of money, then the jury will award a settlement that the assailant is required to pay. In other words, the plaintiff gets a lien against the assailant’s assets. If there are no assets, then the assailant is judgment-proof and the best-case scenario is that you simply drive them into bankruptcy.

The other reason for filing a civil suit against an individual is that you want justice. In some cases, personal injury attorneys will take cases that they believe in even if the defendant couldn’t pay the jury away. This is because the plaintiff is really after a verdict in their favor and not compensation for lost wages, injuries, and more.

However, the civil case will have to wait until there is a verdict in the criminal case. If the defendant is found guilty, that judgment can be used in the civil case to help bolster the plaintiff’s argument. But the civil case cannot proceed until the criminal case is over.

If for some reason this defendant is found not guilty, the officer will still be able to file a civil case against the assailant. The burden of proof in a civil court is lower than in a criminal court. Prosecutors must prove their cases beyond a reasonable doubt while civil attorneys must prove that their case is more likely than not.

No matter what the outcome, the plaintiff will endure a severe reduction to their quality of life, an inability to do their job any longer, and significant medical expenses, all of which they deserve to be compensated for.

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