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Injuries Reported After Carnival Cruise Ships Collide


In case you hadn’t heard, two Carnival cruise ships collided off the coast of Mexico just recently leading to six minor injuries. The Glory ocean liner and Carnival Legend collided when one of the vessels steered into the other while the first one was attempting to dock. One individual was reported injured shortly after the accident occurred. This person was apparently in the dining room when the collision occurred. Six individuals total went down to the cruise ship infirmary to report injuries. Carnival said that neither ship’s itinerary was disrupted by the accident and that the seaworthiness of neither vessel was impacted by the accident.

Can Injured Parties File Lawsuits Against Carnival? 

They can and, depending on the seriousness of their injuries, they should. However, if the injuries were minor as Carnival stated to the press then there probably isn’t a point. Carnival will likely comp the injured passengers with a free cruise for their troubles and that will be the end of it.

However, if the injuries were serious, then it could have been a different story entirely. Since the passengers were injured because one cruise ship rammed another, there is no one else that Carnival could blame for the accident other than their own employees. The injured parties would be entitled to recover damages for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The size of the damages would depend entirely on the severity of their injuries.

In the cases, the personal injury settlements that you hear about that make the news are so incredibly high because some folks need to live under medical care for the remainder of their lives. That costs a lot of money. They also won’t be able to work again, which will cost them income. They deserve to be compensated for both. Finally, they would be entitled to recover damages over the decrease in their quality of life. These are called noneconomic damages and include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, loss of consortium, emotional trauma, and more.

Will Injured Parties File Lawsuits Against Carnival?

Probably not in this case. It doesn’t sound like the injuries they suffered are severe enough to warrant the cost of litigation and the potential award for damages may be less than $10,000. However, injuries that appear minor at first can create major problems down the road. For instance, if someone suffers what appears to be a minor shoulder injury when the ship shook and they struck a wall, they may have difficulty performing their job or playing a sport that they once enjoyed. In this case, they should file a lawsuit against Carnival to recover damages related to their lost wages and loss of enjoyment.

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