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Attorney Joel B. Flowers, III

Houston Personal Injury Trial Lawyer at Home in the Courtroom

Mr. Flowers’ legal career is impressive.  Throughout his career, he has worked side by side with a former chief judge of the Federal District Courts for the Southern District of Texas, as well as a number of seasoned trial and appellate lawyers.

Mr. Flowers was admitted to the Texas bar in 1996. He graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting in 1993 and cum laude from Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law (TMSL) with a juris doctorate degree in 1996.  While at TMSL, he was a senior staff editor on the Thurgood Marshall Law Review.

In the legal profession, it is said that great facts make good lawyers.  Mr. Flowers has had a lot of great facts.  Following a jury verdict in favor of one of his clients in an auto accident brain injury case, in a post-verdict interview with the jury, one juror called him, “a pit bull.” After another jury verdict in favor of his client, a juror said, “He’s believable.”  In the middle of another trial, after Mr. Flowers cross-examined an expert witness, the court’s court reporter said of Mr. Flowers, “I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and he’s got ‘it.’  He has command of the courtroom.”  The jury found in favor of his client in that case too. In a gas well explosion case, the judge stated that in his opinion there was no evidence of the defendant’s negligence and that he would rule against Mr. Flowers’ client at the end of the evidence. On the next day of trial, during cross-examination of the defendant’s expert witness, Mr. Flowers got the defense expert to admit that the defendant was negligent.  The judge reversed himself, and the jury found in favor of Mr. Flowers’ client. Finally, after the conclusion of a medical malpractice case and another favorable jury verdict, a juror said, “Thank you, Joel, for making the case so interesting. Watching you was like watching a movie.”

In two of his proudest moments as an attorney, one came after only four years of practice. In a pretrial conference, the judge warned him and his co-counsel that a six-figure settlement with one of the two defendants would be tough to beat at trial. He and his colleagues beat it, and the jury awarded $2.1 million.  In his other proudest moment, after a two-week long trial, an eight-figure verdict was awarded. After the jury read its verdict, Mr. Flowers’ client broke down in tears of joy, looked at him, and said, “Thank you.” Joel cried with him.

Mr. Flowers has spoken at continuing legal education conferences on the tools of his trade that have made him a successful trial attorney. He is also skilled in non-linear video creation and editing, three-dimensional modeling and graphics presentations.  These non-legal skills are effective for communicating his clients’ stories to mediators, insurance adjusters, judges, and most importantly, juries, through video and graphics exhibits.

Mr. Flowers is a highly effective trial attorney driven by his aggressiveness, passion, and desire for justice for his clients.  In his practice, his first priority is his clients’ interests and their success. Mr. Flowers is married to the lovely Teresa Gracia Flowers and is the proud father of Cai Bailey Flowers.

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