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Kacy Clemens (Son of Roger) Files Lawsuit Against Concrete Cowboy


Baseball great Roger Clemens, who notoriously rebuffed Congress’s inquiries into his steroid abuse, is once again in the news after his son filed a lawsuit against a Houston-area bar, the Concrete Cowboy. Clemens and another man, Connor Capel, say that they were roughed up by the staff of the bar and tossed out for no reason. An attorney for the bar characterized those allegations as false. Clemens ended up with an elbow injury while Capel suffered a skull injury and cuts and bruises all over his body.

The two have filed a $5 million lawsuit against the bar.

Roger Clemens is Asked About Steroids

Civil defense attorneys want to make witnesses against them feel as uncomfortable as they can. For this reason, they often ask invasive personal questions that have little to no merit on the case. In this instance, Clemens was asked about his steroid use. The defense attorney could have been angling to argue that Clemens’ son was in the midst of roid rage when the altercation occurred. However, asking the man’s father about his steroid abuse seems only to cast ambiguous shade on the plaintiffs.

Clemens told the jury that he raised his sons to represent themselves well off the field. The civil defense attorney countered with allegations that he took performance-enhancing drugs during his tenure as a star athlete, and insinuated that’s the reason why Clemens isn’t in the Hall of Fame. Clemens replied by directing opposing counsel’s attention to the six acquittals he won on charges of perjuring himself before Congress for denying he had ever used PEDs.

Bar Fight/Negligent Security Lawsuits 

Generally speaking, bouncers need a reason to evict someone from the premises, but many bouncers are also on steroids and don’t respond appropriately to normal human behavior such as getting annoyed when someone speaks down to you or issues direct commands. In this case, they feel justified using force to remedy the situation and they’re wrong. This is precisely the argument that Clemens and Capel made against the bar. Both young men are still minor league baseball players meaning that injuries could prevent them from playing this season potentially costing them a fair amount of money.

Bouncers can use physical force to remove someone from the premises, but there must be a clear justification for doing so. If an individual is a threat to other customers in the bar, damaging bar property, or otherwise creating a problem, the bouncer should approach the individual and ask them to leave. If they refuse, that’s when the bouncer can force them off the property.

In most cases, a bouncer will approach an individual and they will try to argue their side. They’ll say it was the other person causing a problem, or they didn’t do anything wrong. The bouncer should simply repeat the command to leave the premises and inform the customer that police will be called if they fail to comply. If they present an immediate threat to person or property, the bouncer is then justified in using physical force to protect the customers and property.

Talk to a Houston Personal Injury Attorney 

If a bouncer has overstepped his place and caused you injury, you can file a lawsuit against them and the establishment that they work for. Call Houston personal injury attorneys Livingston & Flowers today to schedule a free consultation and we can begin preparing your case immediately.



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