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Paramedic Struck by Foul Ball Sues Astros


Yes, the Astros are in trouble again, but this time, it’s not for stealing signs. Well, not exactly. Most folks will remember the play during which Michael Brantley hit a foul ball in the dugout. What proceeded was a lot of concerned people with a great deal of consternation on their faces. A paramedic, who was part of the Astros team, was struck in the face by a foul ball. Brantley could be seen looking over at the dugout, obviously troubled. The announcers refused to show the incident where the foul ball struck the paramedic.

The Astros did announce that the paramedic was taken to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries. The Astros announced that he was doing well in the hospital, and then they went on to lose that world series to the Nationals. Today, Brian Cariota announced that he has filed a lawsuit seeking more than $1 million from the ball club he used to work for. Below, we’ll take a look at the prospects of this lawsuit winning in court.

Examining the Injuries

Cariota suffered serious injuries because of the foul ball. The ball, which struck him in the face, fractured his orbital bone. It also caused a subarachnoid hemorrhage (a brain bleed) and a traumatic brain injury. It is unclear, however, whether or not any of those injuries were permanent.

Examining the Allegations

Cariota claims, among other things, that the fact that there was no netting protecting him was not an accident. Why not? Because had the Astros placed netting in that particular area it would have obscured their view of the opposing catcher’s signs.

The sign-stealing scheme had several moving parts. There was a camera placed in center field which recorded the opposing catcher’s signs. This information was then relayed to the players in the dugout who would bang on trashcans to inform the player at the plate what the sign was. The netting, Cariota’s attorneys claim, was removed to make it easier for players in the dugout to see the catcher.

This is a really bad look for the Astros and this incident may have been the first to trigger a major investigation into the team. The lack of netting was a sign to those investigating the incident that something fishy was going on. Now, the plaintiff can use that to show how the Astros are culpable for the incident that nearly took his life.

These allegations have the virtue of telling a very simple story. A greedy professional sports team removes safety nets to break the rules and benefit. Removal of safety net results in severe injury. That story is going to be very difficult for the Astros’ defense team to overcome.

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