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Royal Caribbean Hit With Another Medical Injury Lawsuit


Royal Caribbean is being sued again, this time for improperly inserting a catheter into one of their passengers. 85-year-old Lewis Masotti required a urinary drainage bag. He went to the infirmary after having difficulty reinserting the catheter himself. He asked the ship’s medical staff for help. According to his wife, after the catheter was inserted by medical staff, the urinary drainage bag filled with blood which is something that she says had never happened before.

His wife asked the doctor what was happening, and the doctor claimed that he must have blood in his bladder. The doctor told them to go back to their suite and then come back at 4pm when the medical bay reopened.

Passenger Takes a Turn for the Worse

According to the complaint, the man began suffering complications after the catheter was inserted. His wife claims that he became delirious and started shaking. At 3:30 she brought her husband back to the medical bay with the help of another passenger and then waited a half hour for a nurse to show up.

When the nurse finally arrived she found that his urinary bag was filled with blood. She proceeded to replace the bag and run diagnostics to determine the cause of the problem. He was again sent back to his suite.

The next day, his problems grew worse. His wife rushed him back to the medical bay and reported that he was no longer able to walk, wasn’t eating, and was no longer lucid. Doctors later diagnosed the man with sepsis and severe dehydration because he was unable to drain his bladder.

He was later transferred to a Mexican hospital amid requests from the loudspeaker for type O-negative blood.

Lawsuit Alleges Negligence

The crux of the lawsuit alleges that the doctor improperly installed the catheter which led to bleeding in the urethra and caused his urine to not drain properly. The lack of drainage led to sepsis.

Today, Lewis, an avid golfer, requires a cane to walk. Lewis spent time in professional golfing tournaments, charity events, and may now never be able to enjoy golf again. When calculating damages, this is something that the plaintiffs will focus on when coming to terms with Royal Caribbean for their negligent treatment of their passenger.

This is not an isolated incident for Royal Caribbean. Several passengers have been severely injured and others have died aboard cruises due to the negligent administration of medical services. Why this is remains a continual problem for cruise lines remains uncertain. The doctor who performed the catheter insertion very nearly cost the man his life.

The couple is suing for medical damages, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and loss of consortium. The plaintiffs listed their pre-trial number at $750,000 but the man’s wife has a separate claim for loss of consortium.

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