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Third Patient Alleges Chiropractor Committed Sexual Assault


A Richardson chiropractor is under fire after a third patient has come forward accusing him of sexual assault. Junaid Farooqui is being sued by a woman who claimed that he needed to realign her ovaries. The same doctor had been sued twice the year before. First by a woman who claimed he sexually molested her before giving birth and then again by the father of a teenage girl who said he molested her during an appointment. Each of these patients has filed lawsuits against Farooqui, but the chiropractor has also been charged with criminal conduct with a child, indecency with a child, and three counts of sexual assault.

Farooqui continues to deny the charges and has pleaded not guilty. Another attorney who is representing Farooqui in the civil lawsuits declined comment.

The Latest Lawsuit Against Farooqui

According to the most recent lawsuit, the patient went to Farooqui for back pain. Her complaint says that she had never been to a chiropractor before, and was unsure what to expect. Farooqui had x-rays taken of the woman and then informed her that her ovaries were misaligned and this could prevent her from having a child. He used this as a pretense to sexually assault the woman.

The woman says that he would take her to a dark room where he would have her change into a hospital gown. He would then insert his fingers into her, a process he called “manuals”. The woman says that she felt uneasy, embarrassed, and ashamed, but continued with the treatments because she believed the chiropractor knew what he was doing. The woman says that she suffered panic attacks as a result of the “treatment” and developed anxiety and depression as well.

The woman went to another chiropractor where she learned that Farooqui’s actions constituted sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Charges

The charges against Farooqui take back to 2017 after two women reported the doctor to Richardson police. One of the women’s physicians told her to contact the Board of Chiropractic Examiners after Farooqui rubbed her genitals with oil, causing pain. She also alleges that she informed Farooqui’s assistant that she would not be returning and in response, the assistant told her not to tell her husband about what happened.

A second woman came to Farooqui requesting a prenatal massage. Farooqui had the woman change into a hospital gown and performed a cervical exam. Farooqui told her that her baby was in the wrong position and began to rub her genitals. The woman said that Farooqui’s exam table had stirrups like a gynecologist’s office and the Farooqui told her that she was beautiful and that she should leave her husband.

Farooqui is facing three civil suits and five counts of sexual impropriety including two against a child.

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