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What is a Personal Injury?

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You might be wondering, “What is in the image to the left?” What you see is a single frame from a surveillance camera video that captured four men trespassing and walking through an apartment complex automatic gate that just opened to allow a car to exit. Later that night, two of the men sexually assaulted two women in their apartment. We represented one of the women in a claim against the apartment complex.  Our client suffered from multiple types of personal injuries as a result of the assault.

Under Texas law, an injured person can recover the following types of personal injuries and damages:

  • Physical pain
  • Mental anguish (e.g., unhappiness, severe disappointment, public humiliation, misery, embarrassment, loss of sleep, etc.)
  • Physical impairment (e.g., inability to move, walk, bend, lift, sit, stand, etc.)
  • Disfigurement (e.g., burns, cuts, lacerations, bruises, deformities, etc.)
  • Loss of earnings (e.g., wages)
  • Medical expenses

All of the above personal injury damages can be recovered when they occur immediately after your injury happens and if they occur in the future as a result of the negligence that caused your injury. Most clients we have represented have all the above injuries and damages, but not all of them do. If you have just one of the injuries or damages in the list above and it was caused by the negligent conduct of another, you may have a personal injury claim.

Types of personal injuries cases.

A personal injury claim can be asserted against any business or person (and in some cases the government) that caused injury to you or did something to enable the injury to happen. An injury is enabled when a business fails to warn you of previously known dangers, train its employee, fix a known danger, etc. The personal injury that most people think of is the common car accident. A car accident is only one of many types of personal injury cases. Below is a short list of the types of personal injury cases our lawyers have handled:

  • Apartment management/owner negligence:
    • Apartment management/owner knew of previous assaults and crimes at the apartments, but did not warn tenants, and client was sexually assaulted.
    • Apartment management did not provide secure lock on client’s sliding patio door, and attacker was able to get inside and assault her.
    • Apartment management walked by attackers loitering outside manager’s apartment door against apartment policies and did nothing. The same manager knew of a previous rape at the apartments and said nothing to client. Attackers sexually assaulted client as she moved into her apartment.
  • Bar negligence
    • Bar owner enabled shooter to enter thru unmonitored back door with a gun in his waistband, leading to the shooting of our client during altercation.
    • Bar security assaulted our client.
  • 18-wheeler collisions
    • While driving, an 18-wheeler driver reached for a jug to relieve himself, so he would not have to stop to use the restroom. 18-wheeler driver veered of the road killing client’s husband on road construction crew.
    • 18-wheeler driver fell asleep at the wheel due to driving too many hours.
    • Client hit by 18-wheeler making unsafe lane change, causing a torn rotator cuff.
  • Automobile collisions:
    • Client rearended by a pickup truck, causing spinal injuries to his neck and back.
    • Client t-boned by cable company commercial truck running a red light, causing multiple lacerations, leg puncture, and glass embedded in her skin
    • Wrongful death: client’s child thrown from a car and killed in rollover collision caused by a company pickup truck running a red light.
    • Automobile hit our client while riding a bicycle.
  • Drowning:
    • Swimming hole management-owner failed to warn of water depth and provide appropriate safety measures.
  • Hair salon injury:
    • Client’s scalp burned during hair bleaching and lightening process.
  • Dog bite:
    • Client (home healthcare worker) bitten by patient’s dog.
  • Slip and falls:
    • Grocery stores
    • Office buildings
  • Injuries in offshore, maritime accidents (Jones Act):
    • Clients injured in ship collision.
    • Client’s husband killed in helicopter crash.
  • Misdiagnosis:
    • Wrongful removal of client’s prostate after misdiagnosis of prostate cancer due to mixing up his biopsy results with another patient’s results.
  • School district liability:
    • Predatory third-grade teacher sexually assaulted our clients’ children (three of his students), and the principle was previously warned and did nothing.
    • School bus driver exited a parking lot and t-boned our client’s truck causing our client to rollover and slide 92 feet on concrete.
  • Daycare injuries:
    • Teacher caught on camera slamming client’s child’s head during nap time.
    • Daycare allowed client’s son to fall asleep with his arms inside his shirt while sitting at his desk resulting in a fall and broken collar bone.
  • Workplace injuries
    • Client’s leg crushed by a cement truck backing with its shoot extended as client stood on a cement pump truck at a construction site.
    • Client fell from a roof with no line to hold him at a construction site.
    • Non-English speaking client suffocated in a tank filled with nitrogen and only warnings in English, with no rope or hole watcher to pull him out.
    • Oil company negligence: Gas well fire and explosion burned client due to an overflow tank close to and upwind from a combustion engine pump.
  • Misfilled prescriptions:
    • Heart medication given to client instead of the prescribed medication. Client suffered heart damage.
  • Gym injury:
    • Seatback of leg press machine collapsed. Client suffered multiple herniated discs in his neck.
  • Product liability:
    • Fire caused by halogen lamp manufacturer failing to warn lamp could ignite flammable gases nearby, which lead to fire and client’s burns.
    • Client’s eye injured by bungy cord toy breaking and snapping back.
    • Clients’ mother died because of inadequate warnings on medication.

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