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Gathering Documents for a Demand for Money Damages

Remember those photographs I told you take at the scene in Part 1 of this series? Here is where those photographs will make a difference in helping to get you your money. A demand for cash damages sent to the person that injured you, their employer they were working for at the time of the accident, or their insurance companies will be used to recover that cash for you. After a car accident, there are many documents that impact the value of your case. These documents include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Texas “Crash Report” completed by the police officer that investigated your accident
  • Vehicle (all, not just yours) photographs from the scene
  • Vehicle photographs at the salvage yard or body shop
  • Witness statements
  • Photographs of your injuries
  • Medical records
  • Medical bills
  • Pharmacy receipts for medications taken because of the accident
  • Estimates to repair your car to show the severity of the damage
  • Documents that show your car the insurance company totaled your car
  • Documents from your health insurance company showing what it paid for your medical treatment
  • Documents from Medicare, Medicaid, hospitals, and some emergency medical service entities showing what was paid or what is owed for your medical treatment. Medicare, Medicaid, hospitals (in most, but not all, cases), and emergency medical service entities (in most, but not all, cases) must be paid. It’s the law.
  • Tax returns that show your earnings
  • Bank statements that show direct deposits for your previous pay periods
  • Documents from your employer showing time you missed from work because of the accident or treatments you received

These important documents are used to prove your injuries and damages in a demand letter that will be written and sent to those responsible for paying you. In Texas (and most states), your damages after an auto accident, and sometimes well into the future, include your pain and mental anguish, physical disfigurement, physical impairment, medical expenses, and lost earnings (also known as lost wages). Every case is different as far as what documents will be needed. A good personal injury attorney knows what documents best prove your damages and will gather those documents. You are your own best friend in keeping up with and providing some of these documents to your attorney as you receive.

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Persons and businesses that cause personal injuries and their insurance companies are not interested in helping you get more money out of them. In fact, they will give you the run around until you give up and take less money than you deserve. So, if you have been injured in an any kind of an accident or know someone who has, save yourself the hassle of dealing with those who are responsible. Contact the Houston personal injury attorneys at today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your options to get the money you are owed.

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