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Now You Wait for the Big Money.

This is the part where patience is important. Once we have sent your demand to the insurance company or the company that injured you, insurance companies often will attempt to drag out the negotiation process by making low offers, asking for more documents, or in some cases, not responding for long periods of time. The insurance company and its adjusters will try your patience. Be patient.

One of our case managers came up with this phrase, “Slow money or fast money. Fast money is little money. Slow money is big money. Which do you want?” In other words, taking the first offer to get your money fast, gets you a little money, but waiting, being patient, and allowing the process to work for you takes a little longer and is slower, but it gets you big money.

Some insurance companies use computers and math formulas to calculate your pain and suffering, disfigurement, and physical impairment. Computers?! Math Formulas?! That’s right, COMPUTERS and MATH FORMULAS! And, in addition to computers and math formulas to low ball you, insurance companies use delay tactics hoping you will give in and take the low offer. While negotiating back and forth, the insurance company will increase its offers in tiny amounts, hoping you will become impatient and take the low offer. Remember, be patient.

To get what you deserve, sometimes a lawsuit must be filed. That means more delays to get what you deserve. However, in the end, patiently waiting during negotiations or filing a lawsuit will be well worth the delay to get your money.

An experienced personal injury lawyer knows how to counter the insurance company tactics to get your big money. An experienced personal injury litigation attorney knows how to navigate the court system to increase the little money offer to a big money offer.

Talk to a skilled Houston personal injury attorney

Don’t let the insurance company or company that injured you give you the run around until you give up and take less money than you deserve. If you have injuries involving a personal injury accident of any kind, do yourself a favor and save yourself some time, contact the Houston personal injury attorneys at today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your options to get the BIG MONEY you deserve.

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