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What To Do When You Have Been Sexually Assaulted In An Apartment Complex

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Landlords or apartment managers are responsible for maintaining a safe living environment, as the safety and protection of residents living within their apartments should be a top priority. If you are ever sexually assaulted while in an apartment complex, there are a few things you can do to receive the justice you deserve. As leading assault attorneys at Livingston & Flowers Law Firm, we have helped represent individuals who were raped or sexually assaulted by pursuing legal action against the people responsible for their safety. Read below to find out more, or visit our website to learn about how we can help you!

What To Do Immediately After An Assault 

According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAIIN), you should do the following if ever sexually assaulted at an apartment complex. 

  1. Your Safety Is Important — Make sure you are in a place where you truly feel safe. If not, reach out to someone you trust for help!
  2. What Happened Was Not Your Fault — Do not blame yourself, as what happened to you is not okay!
  3. Call The National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.565.HOPE(4673)

Apartment Complex Responsibilities 

Apartment complex owners have a legal responsibility to keep their residents safe from any foreseeable harm including rape and sexual assault. Although in the past property owners were not liable for crimes committed by a third-party individual, there are premises liability laws that make protection their duty. 

Safety Measures Apartment Complexes Must Take 

Due to an increase in assaults within apartment complexes, there are many things an owner can do to mitigate these crimes from occurring. 

  • Install adequate lighting 
  • Use fencing to protect the property 
  • Gated entry 
  • Security Guards 
  • Warning signs 
  • Criminal background checks for residents, employees, etc
  • Installing proper locks for doors and windows
  • Surveillance cameras

Can Apartment Complex Owners Be Held Responsible?

Whether or not a landlord or apartment owner can be held responsible for a sexual assault crime depends on various factors. Our Livingston & Flowers Law Firm assault attorneys are responsible for proving that this crime could have been prevented with added security measures. Our goal is to help get victims the compensation and justice they deserve to help them better move on with their life. 

At Livingston & Flowers Law Firm, we have numerous years of experience helping individuals who were sexually assaulted within an apartment complex receive justice. If you would like our help next, please contact us and we can inform you of your best course of action! 

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